Button necklace

Several years ago now I purchased a cute and quirky button necklace at the Brisstyle markets designed by Kellie Christie (who is currently taking a break from her business). She eventually moved away from her original button necklace designs and into resin and shrink plastic creations.

I still have that necklace and every time I wear it I receive compliments because it is so different and unusual. I have several bags of buttons that I’ve collected over the years so I thought I’d attempt making a button necklace myself. I’ve shared the step-by-step tutorial below so you can have a go at making your own necklace.

I’ve opted for a rainbow palette but this necklace would look amazing in any colour scheme!

Button necklace on

Button necklace

You will need

  • A selection of buttons in various sizes
  • Craft wire (mine was just cheap black wire from the $2 shop, it had no gauge marked on it but I’d estimate it to be 18G to 20G)
  • Pliers
  • Wire trimmers

Things you will need to make a button necklace

Make it

Step 1 – Layout your buttons into your desired necklace shape and length, starting with the largest buttons in the centre and working your way out to the ends. Mine was roughly 50cm long. Layer some smaller buttons on top of the large ones to add interest.

Arrange buttons into necklace shape

Close-up of buttons


Step 2 – Starting at the centre of the wire, thread on the largest button. Continue threading on buttons outwards from the centre.


Step 3 – To make a closure, loop a toggle-style button onto one end of the necklace, thread wire back through last button and then wrap around itself a few times to secure. At the other end, make a loop with the wire large enough to pass over your toggle button, thread the wire end back through the last button and then around itself a few times to secure. You may need the pliers here to tighten the wire. Trim the ends with the wire trimmers and then use the pliers to secure the loose ends.

Close-up of closure

Ta-da! You now have a completed wire necklace! It sits really well on and the wire helps keep it in place.

Finished button necklace

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you do make your own necklace, please feel free to share your photos with me!

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